A Letter to Our Customers

October 31, 2018

For almost seven years, our app Benjamin has been helping people get things done using the productivity system that they know and love. And in that time, we’ve had thousands of customers that have used Benjamin to stay organized and achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, changes were introduced in iOS 12 that have caused problems to appear in Benjamin. These problems have not affected all our customers, but those who have been affected describe a degraded experience that does not meet our own standards for the work that we put out into the world. After investigating these problems and possible solutions, it became clear that the amount of work that would be required to solve these problems was greater than could be justified. Therefore, effective today, Benjamin is no longer available for sale in the App Store.

We know that our customers rely on Benjamin to stay organized and do important work, and we know that not all our customers have been affected by the degraded experience described above, so if you rely on Benjamin and are happy with it, know that you will not immediately be affected. Although Benjamin will no longer be available to new customers, customers who have already purchased and downloaded Benjamin are free to continue using the app as long as they would like to. Although the synchronization service we provide for syncing tasks between iPhone and iPad will eventually be discontinued, we are committing to keeping it available to subscribers until at least April 30, 2019. We hope that you can use the intervening six months to find and evaluate alternative solutions, and that this time might allow for an organized transition for the individuals and organizations that rely upon Benjamin.

We understand that you probably have questions about how you will be affected by this announcement. Please find below a number of questions that we have anticipated, as well as our answers to them.

Thank you to all our customers who have used Benjamin over the years. We appreciate your loyalty and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.


Charles Perry
Owner of Metakite Software

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m still happy with Benjamin do I have to stop using it?

No. Although Benjamin will no longer be sold to new customers, existing customers are free to continue using Benjamin as long as they would like. The app will remain available on your iPhone or iPad until you manually delete it.

I use Benjamin’s synchronization service to sync tasks between my iPhone and iPad. How will I be affected?

Metakite Software’s synchronization service will remain available to subscribers until at least April 30, 2019. During that time, you can continue to use the synchronization service as usual.

I’m looking for a replacement for Benjamin. Do you have any suggestions?

There are several productivity apps on the App Store that might suit your needs, but one in particular that many Benjamin customers will find familiar is PlanPlus. PlanPlus uses the same productivity system that Benjamin used. It supports ABC-123 task management and note taking, and integrates with your calendar and contacts.

I’m having a problem with Benjamin. Can you help?

We’re sorry, but since Benjamin has been discontinued, support for that product is no longer offered.

I’ve found a replacement for Benjamin and no longer need the synchronization service. Can you cancel my subscription?

Since billing for your subscription is handled by Apple, Metakite Software is unable to manage or cancel it on your behalf. To manage your subscription settings, please follow the instructions available on Apple’s website.

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