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Getting Things Done Made Easy

Action Lists is a task manager based on the Getting Things Done® system created by David Allen. Action Lists harnesses the power of the GTD® system with an easy to use interface that makes it fast to access the information you need when you need it. With Action Lists, your inbox, context lists, and projects are literally at your fingertips.


Built for GTD

Action Lists is built from the ground up for Getting Things Done®. It uses the system and terminology you already know.

Sync Your Tasks

Action Lists allows you to synchronize your tasks and projects so they are always available no matter what context you’re in.


Action Lists allows you to divide large, unwieldy projects into smaller subprojects that are more focused and easier to manage.

Schedule Tasks

Plan your work with start dates, due date, and repeating tasks. You can even have tasks automatically become a project’s Next Action.



Action Lists harnesses the power of the GTD® system by giving you easy access to the information you need when you need it. With Action Lists, your inbox, context lists, projects, and other GTD lists are literally at your fingertips.

Your next actions can be assigned a context (a category like “phone calls”, “errands”, or “email”), and can be grouped into projects — all through your iPhone or iPad.

Action Lists makes it easy to manage all of your non-calendar GTD® activities. Capture tasks in your Inbox for later processing. After processing, a task can be tagged as a “next action” that you are committed to complete, as an item for your Someday list that you may (or may not) get around to in the future, or as an item for your Waiting list which contains tasks that cannot be completed until someone else takes action.

Action Lists will synchronize over the air with your free Toodledo account. Through Toodledo, the tasks that you enter into Action Lists can be viewed, modified, completed and shared with others—all on the web. And if you prefer to enter your tasks using a full keyboard and your computer, tasks entered into Toodledo can be synchronized back to Action Lists.

Through Toodledo, your data can be synced between your iPhone and iPad. Create tasks on the go using your iPhone, then manage them at home using your iPad.

Organizing related actions into projects is a basic tennet of GTD®, but sometimes a project gets too big to manage as a single entity. Action Lists allows you to divide these projects into smaller subprojects that are easier to manage.

A subproject appears as a child of its parent, and there is no limit on how many levels of subprojects you can create. So if a subproject proves to be too large, you can divide it into even smaller, more focused subprojects.

In order to keep moving forward, projects need to have Next Actions that can be completed. When a project runs out of Next Actions, the project stalls and work stops. Action Lists can help prevent stalled tasks by automatically queuing up Next Actions as old ones are completed.

When the “Queue Next Actions” option is turned on for a project, Action Lists helps make sure that there is always a Next Action to be worked on. Whenever you complete a task, its project is checked. If the project doesn’t already have a Next Action, the next Active task is promoted to Next Action status. This helps ensure that projects keep moving, even between weekly reviews.

Assign a due date to a task if there is a deadline that must be met. Due dates are visible on all task lists so that you’re reminded of your commitment. When a task is due soon, its due date turns orange to warn you. If a task becomes overdue, Action Lists brings it to your attention by displaying the due date of the task in red.
Future tasks can be scheduled by setting a start date. Tasks scheduled to start in the future can be filtered from view so that you are only presented with the tasks that are relevant to you now. When a scheduled task is due to be started, it will (by default) appear in your Inbox so that it can be processed. This increases the visibility of new tasks and prevents tasks from sliding into your action lists unnoticed. This is a great replacement for a "tickler file."
Create repeating tasks on a schedule that you define. Create tasks that recur every Monday, the last Tuesday of every month, or every three months.

What Our Customers Say…

Stellar GTD App — A great app for managing your inbox, contexts (lists), projects and all those things waiting for something to happen. I’ve tried nearly all the organisational apps and I’ve come back to this little gem as the best of the bunch!
Really Simple Stuff, App Store Review
Excellent Apps, Responsive Support — For those looking to implement GTD, this app does it cleanly and by the book with the right options and settings to flex to your workflow. Also, the main developer is very responsive… Probably the best support experience I’ve had with any iOS app.
Carl_C, App Store Review
Outstanding App — Exactly what was needed to put getting things done into everyday practice. It is a perfect app and syncs nicely across my iPad Mini and my iPhone. Keep up the good work.
Deluxdog, App Store Review
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